Who’s Picking FSU’s New President? An Introduction to the Student’s Plan

The August 26, 2014 meeting of the FSU Board of Trustees (BOT) was quietly cancelled.

We believe it was to avoid the insistent faculty, student, and community calls to restructure the Presidential Search Advisory Committee (PSAC) and assure a President with academic credentials that has no political or corporate ties. The BOT’s evasion of these calls was a consistent feature of the BOT and PSAC meetings this summer. Calls for board members to resign have been made and were met with hostility.

Sign the Petition! Join our call to restructure the PSAC.


Since we couldn’t share our voices at the August BOT meeting, it is now more important than ever to support the multi-organization student call for a restructuring of the PSAC (see the Student Plan). The Presidential selection process begins on September 5th. It is time to act!

The Student Plan lays out the restructure as creating ⅓ Faculty and ⅓ Student representation while also accounting for the size of the already bloated search committee. Using simple mathematics, we make a clear recommendation on the number of additional faculty and student seats regardless of how large Chair Allan Bense would like the committee to be. We also make an overall suggestion for the removal of 15 current PSAC members and the addition of two student seats and one faculty seat.  This creates a 15 person committee. It couldn’t be easier.

Inspired by Resolution 12 from the FSU Congress of Graduate Students, we propose an open and democratic process by which to select the additional students and faculty on the PSAC.


If you are an FSU Faculty or Student, we are taking applications for additional students and faculty to sit on a restructured PSAC! Please apply by no later than September 4th.

Apply HERE

How will the applications be reviewed?


ALL applications will be open to review by ANY interested FSU student and faculty member. Write to resetthesearch@gmail.com through a valid FSU email address and ask to be a member of the PSAC Restructuring Group. You will be contacted with a username and password for a Reddit.com user account which you can use to  – up/down/no vote all recieved applications in a closed “subreddit” (it is easy, we promise – even if you don’t use Reddit already).

The list of applicants will be ordered by the voting members of the Group. Regardless of the total size Chair Bense prefers the PSAC to be –  we will have precisely the right number of students and faculty to fill the seats!

Play an active role in the future of our great University. Sign the petition, and get involved! This is the kind of student engagement and innovation that FSU prides itself on. Keep the tradition alive –  save Florida State University!


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