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FSU PSAC: Koch Corruption, Climate Change Denial, Domestic Violence and Cocaine Trafficking


The LOLigarchy


Since May 21, 2014 FSU’s Presidential Search Advisory Committee has voted three times to continue forwarding Senator John Thrasher as a candidate for president despite the constant unanimous faculty/student combined votes to the contrary and an overwhelming faculty, student and community outcry against Senator Thrasher.

Why support a Koch funded, two-time ethics violator who has consistently supported higher education budget cuts in the Florida Legislature as FSU’s President?

The facts and affiliations list below tells its own story, but we thought you should also know that:

1)   In 2008 and 2013, FSU signed corrupt contracts with the Charles Koch Foundation giving Koch power over faculty hires, curriculum control and graduate assistant hires.  This power is unprecedented in public university – private donor funding agreements and stands against a legacy of academic freedom and shared governance at FSU and in the United States in general.

2) Chair Allan Bense and Gov. Rick Scott, like Sen. John Thrasher, are Koch funded.

3) American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which you will see referenced below, is a Koch funded political lobbying organization that pushes pre-packaged legislation like Stand Your Ground.

4) The Chair of the FSU’s Board of Trustees, Allan Bense was appointed by the Koch funded Rick Scott.

5) Senator John Thrasher is Rick Scott’s re-election campaign Chair.

6) Chair Allan Bense appoints the members of PSAC.

7) There are more Koch funded, and ALEC affiliated, PSAC members than there are faculty or students on PSAC.

Who is patting who on the back? Who is picking people for their own corporate and political interests?

Allan Bense – (“Board of Trustees”)

Ed Burr (Chair of PSAC, Board of Trustees)

Jimmy Patronis (“Community” representative)

John Mckay (“RINGLING CENTER FOR THE ARTS” representative)*

Al Lawson (“Community” representative)


Devoe Moore (“Seminole Boosters” representative)

Ash Williams (“FSU Foundation” representative)

Kathryn Ballard (GOP, ALEC)

On the Board of Trustees:

Delores Spearman (“Community” representative)

Drew Weatherford (”Community” representative)

  • Current Florida House speaker’s brother (who is Chair Bense’s son-in-law!)

Bob Sasser (“FSU Foundation” representative)

  • CEO of Dollar Tree

Susie Busch-Transou (“Community” representative)

  • Daughter of Augustus Busch III, owner of Anhauser-Busch (ALEC member)
    • Co-owns a distribution wholesaler of Anhauser-Busch Brewing, which serves the Tallahassee area.
    • Was involved in dismantling FSU’s alcohol abuse prevention efforts in 2000
  • Was Vice Chair of the FSU Board of Trustees as recently as 2012, during which time she was allowed to vote when the BOT approved leasing university land to the FSU Boosters to build Collegetown, where Busch-Transou would do considerable business.
  • Busch-Transou is no longer a Trustee, because she has established an “Official Partnership” between Tri-Eagle Sales and Seminole Athletics.

Mike Harrel (“Seminole Boosters” representative)

  • corporate lobbyist for
    • Verizon (ALEC member). ALEC is Koch funded.
    • U.S. Sugar (Rick Scott/Weatherford/King’s Ranch, etc)
    • Florida Medical Association (who donated to John Thrasher, Rick Scott and Jimmy Patronis campaigns, and who John Thrasher was lobbying for when he incurred his ethics violation)
  • Governor Rick Scott’s friend and frequent golf partner

Gordon Sprague (“Alumni Association” representative)

Brian Swain (“Real Estate Foundation” representative)

  • One of 9 Seminole Boosters that had to abstain from voting (along with Devoe Moore) on the Collegetown project because of their financial interest in the matter.

Ed Morton (“Board of Governors” representative)

  • Rick Scott appointment to the Florida Board of Governors
  • Former President & CEO-Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida
  • Former CEO, CFO, COO of NCH Healthcare System
  • Principal and Managing Director of the ($4.52 Billion) investment firm Wasmer & Schroeder & Co.)
  • Praised Governor Scott’s healthcare practices
  • Served on “Healthcare Round table” with Governor Scott

Monk Bonasorte (“Athletics” representative)